10.2.400 - Double Copies generated from Print Preview

Just sharing a known issue with everyone interested in working with 10.2.400 once it is released. The Multi-Tenant customers always get to be the Guinea Pigs for new versions so they find the initial quirks/bugs/annoyances for the rest of us. We owe them all a debt of thanks!

One client shared this one with me - When using any print preview on a report, 10.2.400 will sometimes create duplicate report requests as if the user submitted more than once. Not too terrible an issue and it is being addressed.

Never fear - there is a workaround from support -----------------

This is a known issue which is connected to open problem PRB0212768 and has been sent to development for review. … We also have a potential workaround–press the left mouse button a little lighter. Instead of a “hard press” when you click on the print/print preview from the mouse, click the left mouse button quickly/gently


Lol, yeaaah. Explaining that to my users will be fun.
I think I’ll just tell them “It’s a known bug. Deal with it!”. :slight_smile:

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By the way they were not being sarcastic… If you ask for the Details on the Problem they give you

Cloud customers are complaining that printing a report or document in 3.2.400.2 is producing multiple print outs or previews. Customers are complaining especially about wasting labels with this issue.

I can reproduce this on 102 Live 02test company using AR Iinvoice tracker.

steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch AR Invoice Tracker and select an invoice.
  2. click on the print icon.
  3. Print preview the standard SSRS AR Invoice form for the invoice.
  4. You may get 2 previews each tied to its own systask record.

This sounds odd but if you gently click the mouse button to submit the preview while keeping the mouse still you typically only get one printout or preview, but if you click hard and move the mouse or hold the mouse button down for awhile you’ll get 2 printouts, previews.

I was able to repro this on an appbox for live cloud environments and multiple customers are reporting it in other reports besides the invoice form.

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Is there a workaround for left handed users that have the mouse buttons reversed?



This sounds like an issue on the “client”. Does MT runs exclusively through a web/browser based client?

Or is this also an issue for people with the client program installed on their machine (if that’s even a thing with MT)?


if it’s a browser based “client”, could be the control is setup to fire on MouseDown or MouseUp, as long as they’re not at the same location.

  • MouseDown at 120,343, followed by MouseUp at 120,343 just “clicks” once.
  • MouseDown at 120,343, followed by a move to 121,345, and then a MouseUp, is seen as two “clicks”.

An alternative, perhaps, easier to sell workaround to users is that they can click File > Print Preview or File > Client Printer instead of clicking the buttons on the toolbar.



Setting up the hot key would be my preferred solution. Just don’t press the keys too hard :wink:


Any chance this issue carries over to the “Submit” toolbar button too?

I’d hate to submit a lengthy process twice.