2021 1099-nec

Does anyone have an SSRS report for the new 1099-NEC form for 2021 that has three forms on one page? Usually I am decent at doing this every year but I am really struggling this time.


I’m struggling too with the new form. Have you had any luck figuring it out?



I gave up fighting with the SSRS and we just submitted ours via a Mail Merge word document.

I was in the same boat so I just spun up a newer version of Epicor on a test vm and snagged the latest RDL. One of the things I found was a typo in the Amount box expression. There is a + “.01” that is supposed to be + “.1”.

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sfarrellPVA you got 3 per sheet to work?? I have been at it for two days straight and got nothing I can make all 3 line up for the NEC document

Hi Eric,

Yes all 3 are printing to the sheet and relatively lined up. I downloaded and installed 10.2.600.35 on a test VM and was able to grab Epicor’s RDL from the reports folder. I uploaded it to our environment and fixed the typo mentioned above and now we are good to go.

Hi Sean,

Can you upload the RDLs here please ?

We don’t have a space on the server to create a test VM. We are on 10.2.700


Hi Kalpesh,

I’m sorry but seeing as Epicor is officially charging for it, I don’t think the mods would take too kindly to me uploading. If one of them chimed in saying it’s cool I would, but I am not expecting we will get that lucky…

That said you really don’t even need a VM to install it on, all you need to do is run through the installer and then the appropriate update on a computer just to get to the file: “…\ERP10\ERP10.x.xxx.x\Updates\ERP10.x.xxx.xx\Server\reports.zip”

Heck you are already on .700 you can install the update, just don’t update your app servers. The full system doesn’t need to run you just need to be able to get to the build’s reports.zip file and take it out of there.

Hi Sean,

You are right. I will try that.
Thank you!

@sfarrellPVA thanks for your guidance on this. Downloading the latest Epicor patch for the major version you’re on, installing it on a machine (without actually upgrading the db/appserver), and then grabbing the updated RDL files seems to be the best course of action.

Regarding this typo though:

Whatever is going on there is different in different versions. Mine works without changing that formula (and actually breaks if I do change it to .1). I’m working in v10.2.700.4 and swapped in the RDL file for version 10.2.700.30

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I don’t have any version of Epicor 10.2.700 (we’re on Epicor 10.2.400) and I needed this in like 2 hours or less today, so installing a version of Epicor 10.2.700 somewhere and patching to the latest 10.2.700 patch was not an option. So I downloaded the 10.2.700.30.exe patch/update from EpicWeb and was able to use free, portable 7-zip to extract the RDL file I needed. You just open up 7zip, browse to the 10.2.700.30.exe, right-click :arrow_right: 7-zip :arrow_right: Open archive. Then was able to navigate down into nested 7zip/zip files down this path to find what I was looking for:



Was able to install this in our 10.2.400.40 patched virtual lab environment (our production Epicor 10.2.400.19 environment doesn’t even have the concept of 1099-NEC in it), and it printed out great first try! Thanks for the great info.


I tried this, I got the report file okay, but the report crashes when I try to run it. Did you have to do anything for the report data definition?

I did not, just did it last week and it is still working with our 10.2.400.40 app server / database in the virtual lab that we had setup from last year.

(Note the RDL name change to US-PrtAP1099-NEC-2022 is because I made a new copy / style for this year, because needed to move things around on the form slightly again)

What is your crash error message, might be something I’ve seen?

Apparently the SaaS team didn’t set up our localization correctly or something, which is why we didn’t automatically get the report. I’ll report back if they get it fixed.