500 Internal Server Error when trying to connect to REST services

We’ve been working to get the REST services setup to do some integration testing. I’ll just share right up front that I’m clueless about this and the setup, but I followed the directions in the Online help and I can connect to the REST Help pages, but not the root directory (https://localhost/epicor10-pilot/api). It prompts for a login and I entered my epicor username and pw (also tried manager), but then I get the 500 error.

Any thoughts? Additional info I need to share?

Thanks in advance!


What happens when you use a link like the one below?


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…pilot/api/help is probably the link you want to the help pages.

yes, path is api/v1/ and not just api/

Correct /api is the root.
Help is api/help
Services are api//
Currently everything is v1 so
https://localhost/epicor10-pilot/api/v1/Erp.BO.SalesOrderSvc/SalesOrders as indicated above

Thank you Bart and Dan. I guess I really proved how clueless I am about this stuff… I thought the online help was suggesting to go to just the api level. The v1, help, etc works fine. So, I guess I’m good.