6.1, Job scheduling / MRP issue

Vantage 6.1.

We are having an issue with job scheduling with regards to MRP
suggestions. Maybe someone else has dealt with this before and could
offer a solution.

We firm up MRP jobs based on demands. MRP jobs automatically pull
the method of manufacturing from the part BOM. Our in-house
procedure states that if a part has not been run in more than a
year, the method must be reviewed. So, in these cases we delete all
the operations on the job and add an operation for our MTH
workcenter, which then populates a list for the process engineer.
After the method has been reviewed we bring the method into the job

Our problem: Occasionally the person that brings in the new method
forgets to re-run the scheduling process on that job once the new
method has been added. This somehow puts the job in some sort of
limbo. The biggest problem is that MRP does not generate a
purchasing suggestion for the materials. This has stung us a few
times, where we schedule a job and we think it is in the system
properly, but materials never get ordered because there is no

Has anyone else come across this problem? If I could generate a
report to show me all open jobs that have not had the scheduling
process run that would identify them. Any other ideas?

Bill Rupert
Bardons & Oliver Inc.