Accessing Supplier Maintenance Function


Is there any other place where I can see what the user has access to. I see the groups but the user cannot get into the Supplier Maintenance screen. Which is weird since she had access prior and she was given additional access on the server and something is now keeping her from accessing the function.

I would appreciate any assistance. I am new to Epicor 9.

Thank you.


Exactly how is access prevented? No main menu item?

Can you launch it from “Open With …” from another form?

The menu Item displays on the screen, but it does not launch when selected. No options are available when logged in on the users account.

Does it show in the windows task bar? It could be “off screen”

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Doesn’t sound like a Menu Security issue.

What do you mean by this? Do you have a screenshot?

Does this person have the same problem at another computer?

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