Accounting help. Where do ADJ-QTY transactions hit?

So we are in the process of making paint non-quantity part numbers since we haven’t been issuing paint and the inventory has been growing erroneously. (long story)

I am doing some test to try to figure out which GL accounts get hit when I do these adjustments, however I seem to be finding that qty adjustments aren’t hitting the GL at all when I look at the GL tracker from the tran number. Is this because we don’t have controls set up on the reason codes? I’m running a test now after introducing a reason code so I’ll probably have an answer by the time I’m done typing (yup, now with a reason code it hits)

Now my question is, what happens to all of the those adjustments that have been made without a GL control set? That might be a problem…

Did they go to a suspense account?

Check the suspense account

So I can take a look, but when I click on the trannumber to go to the GL detail tracker, it would still have to have a transaction to go to the suspense account right?

All suspense accounts (that I can find) are at 0.

Typically, there is only 1 suspense account and it has a bunch of 9’s in it.

yeah we have 6 categories (00-9999-00 to 00-9999-06), but they’ve never been used it looks like.

Edit, maybe that’s what you mean for one account 9999, and the rest are some sort of category?? I’m not an accountant I’m just learning as I go to try and track down problems.

Go to the Company Configuration and see what the default Inventory COS and WIP gl control code is and open that up to see which account is assigned to Inventory Adjustment.

It looks like it’s set to the inventory account. Would the system group all of those transactions into one and call it a periodic posting? Thereby removing the ability to track from the part tran all the way to the GL?

Also, when I am looking at the chart tracker for that GL account, and tran GLC detail has no account context “Inventory adjustment” which is what the the inventory adjustment in the GL control maintenance says. So I would think that if should be hitting the detail with that same context…

The same exact account that the inventory value is already in? Like, 12345 is the inventory account and the inventory adjustments go against 12345?

I don’t believe a record would be created as you are crediting and debiting the same account. After one of the previous adjustments were made, did the balance of the inventory account change?

I don’t think it did, although I will have to set up a more controlled test to make that determination. I’m assuming that it can’t change without a transaction is how I am making that assumption.

In the GL control maintenance, the inventory account and the Inventory adjustment account set to the same GL account. (as is the variance)

Maybe that’s why the transactions aren’t happening…

It is happening, but it is not being documented. Epicor does not record transactions that net to $0 in a gl account.

If you think about it, the account starts at $1000 and you adjust out $100 so the balance should be $900, except you are taking that $100 you just adjusted out and are immediately adjusting it back into the account.

So, while you removed the qty from your warehouse, you left the value in the same account.

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Thanks for the help, I think this really is going to help us fix a problem!