Inventory Adjustment Error

We are doing inventory adjustments on paint that was used for shop use instead of on a job. When I go to adjust the quantity to remove 15 gallons from inventory this is the error I get.

I cannot adjust the quantity. When I go to the part to see how it has been setup, the Track Lot check box is not checked. If I try to check it and save I got another error.

If I look at the Part Transaction History Tracker, there are no transactions that say it went to inspection. The PO does not have inspection requirements set and there is nothing open in inspection processing for this part number.

I believe if you look at the transaction history, there was lot tracking at some point in time.

I had to enter a support case for this with Epicor where they gave me a fix that marked the part as lot tracked and then I was able to adjust out the lot tracked inventory and then un-check the lot tracking from the part.

From the looks of it, you do not have this EXACT same problem, but something similar. May be worth contacting support.

For the inspection, have a look in Part Tracker, tabs Part Locations - Inspection. Process all of those there first. Then, if you still have qty on-hand, take them out (qty adjust -). Check the option Track Lots in Part Entry (assuming you need it) and then put the stock back in (qty adjust +).