Add custom CustXPart Field to AR Form SSRS

So I have created the new definition and report style to add a custom field to the ARForm.
I can run the report and see the data in the report database. I am stuck now at how to add this to the report. I have added fields before to other fields by guessing the table # such as T2 and adding the query field.

How do I know what this table number is now to add the the query?

Also sounds like I need to add a join to the query also in ssrs?

Assuming your RDD is working…
Have you tried the “Sync DataSet” button for your new report style?
That might add the fields to SSRS for you. (I would make back ups of the RDL first).

If Syncing doesn’t work, you can also manually edit dataset expressions in SSRS, and add fields. ( but it’s not very intuitive )
If you right click on a dataset and select Dataset Properties, you can access the Query Expression and Fields.
Here’s a screen shot of the WIPReport with modified expression for the dataset TWip.

I did sync and the dataset is not there. So if the highest table is T9 should I assume the added table is T10?

I would expect T10… IF the “Sync” added the table to an existing dataset.
But… sometimes the “Sync” will add a table as a separate dataset.
In that case you might be able to use a lookup formula.

You might want to go back and check your RDD too… verify added tables, relationships (type output) and fields.

T9.FieldName gives error(Invalid Column name ‘field’
T10.FeildName give error(The multi-part identifier “t10.field” could not be bound.
The data is there in the table in SQL for the report.

I must say this is a bit frustrating trying to add to a standard report.

And if I try a lookup I get that it is not a Dataset