Add Drop down to a Panel Grid VIew

I am trying to add a drop down to a Panel Grid on Qualified Manufacturer Part List. I have created a table which includes at the moment four options for selection against the Part X Ref MFG _UD. I have added the column to the Panel Grid View but it is only added as a Text Box where i want it to show as a drop down where we can select one of those four options.

The Life Cycle Status is already a dropdown but i cant see how to replicate it.

Can anyone help?

Go to the grid > Grid Model > Columns and add your column and set Erp Editor to combo.

Go to Grid > Grid Model > Columns > Erp Editor Model and configure the list of items under Advanced
(Or use the Reusable Combo section)



Pretend I was paying better attention to what I typed. Obviously, the drop down should be one, two, threeeee, but–you know… #DaylightSavings #TooLittleCoffee #LesSigh


Thank you so much Hannah, you are a :star:

OK, when i preview the dropdown works fine. Now that i have published it, i click the dropdown and the selections are blank but when i click one it shows :man_facepalming:t2:

Tell a lie it is showing blank in preview as well.

Lemme see your combo setup.

What’s in the list property?

That all looks fine. For giggles, save/publish, the close the browser and go back in and see if they show up. Sounds like a glitch.
Also try clearing your browser cache.

Will try that, currently using Full Client not Browser version though.

Stop that. :joy:

The embedded browser in the client is so much slower and you lose decent debugging potential from the browser’s Dev Tools.

I know. But there was functionality missing in the Browser version when we started on this long journey!

Still blank

I feel like I’ve seen this before where it was “blank”, but the values were still actually there.
See if you can click on one of the blank items in your combo and save it. Then pull up a BAQ and see if the value shows in the BAQ.

Oh gross. You’re upgrading to 2022.1?
Is it possible to get to at least 2022.2? You’ll be much happier!

Not updated profile, we are using 2022.2.8 currently in testing

It shows in the BAQ

Well, that’s a start.
Sadly, I haven’t found a good way to fix glitches like that. The best I can suggest in order of inconvenience is:

  1. Have someone else test in their computer/profile
  2. Delete the column from the grid and add it back in
  3. Recreate your layer

@timshuwy it’s elusive bugs like this that make people shy away from using the new UI. Unfortunately, a lot of these cannot be reproduced by doing a set of steps, so support basically says “Whelp…”

Do you have suggestions for folks (myself included) to fix these issues?

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Thanks for your help Hannah, it is appreciated. There seems to be a few instances of this when i search the forum but the only one i found using a list was not given an answer :rofl:

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I was hoping when i came back in this morning that it would be working again but alas :roll_eyes: