Check box used for visual reminder

I belong to a small company so any Epicor customizations, reports, dashboards…fall on me even though I have no real training. I just happen to be the company nerd.

I added a check box to the Task detail tab in a Quote. We just want to use it as a simple visual cue for a request (customer drawing requested). The basic idea is when an engineer sees that box checked they know to create a customer drawing.

I added a check box and label through customization which was simple enough. But if I check it the check appears in all quotes. If I update the task, save the quote, close then reopen the check is gone. I didn’t think it would need to be bound for just visual use.

How can I get this check box to be tied to the quote it is checked in only and keep it there when opportunity/quote entry is closed and reopened?

What did you bind the checkbox to?

I didn’t bind it to anything. I wasn’t sure if it would be needed for just a visual cue. I thought it might need bound to the quote number so it wouldn’t affect other quotes but like I said, I am just flying by manuals and forum posts.

If you don’t bind it , it can’t be stored.
You need to add a UD field to the Task table and then bind that checkbox to that field.

Otherwise Epicor won’t know where to store the value of the checkbx

I was afraid you would say that. Adding UD fields to tables when you’re on the cloud means creating a ticket. I’ve done it before but only a couple of times and others added the fields.
Thank you. I didn’t expect a response from a YouTube celebrity.

@dshaw - If you don’t want to bother adding the UD field, you could also repurpose another checkbox field (like Send Alert… Although not many in the Task table…). Just change the label (but be careful that field doesn’t have some other logic built into it!).

Long term, it’s best to bite the bullet and add the UD field to the Task table, since your environment will make much more sense when the checkboxes do what Help says they do… And won’t be confusing 4 years from now.

So true. I have cheated before using fields that we don’t use in Part Attributes but like you said there are not many in the task table. I will end up adding it to the Task table.

The Send Alert in Tasks is causing me enough headaches. We ad-hoc tasks onto a base set as needed and the email alerts don’t function as expected. I’ve had an open ticket with Epicor for months now trying to fix that one. If I had time and training I think it would be easier to write my own BPM.