Adding JobOper Table to Packslip Form

Hello Everyone,

I need some assistance in adding JobOper table to my Packslip Form (Using Crystal Reports) I noticed when I added the table the relationships are incorrect. It believe it should be Company and Job Number. I attempted different setups but the relationships still show incorrect, even if I make the relationships on Report Data Maintenance. (See below)

My goal is to pull the comment/text on to the packslip form.

I would appreciate some assistance.

Thanks In Advance,


Are you sure your comment is coming from the Job Operations Table? You will also need to filter your Job Op table to show the comments for the op you care about (probably a shipping or packing op?). If your job has detail assemblies, you will also need to filter at the assembly level to ensure you are getting the operations for the right part. Start with a BAQ, pull in ShipDtl, and then see what you need to do to get JobOper linked up. I can link on Company and Job Number to return results, but what if your shipment didn’t come off a job (Ship from stock)? Once you have a BAQ that can return the results you expect to see it makes it a bit easier to build of the relationships for the RDD.