Admin Tool Client Install/Shortcut

Can anyone guide me in installing the Epicor Admin Tool on my client machine or creating a shortcut (if possible). Currently every time I have to run a conversion I have to remote into our server VM and I would like to be able to limit needing to log in on that machine as much as possible, being able to run conversions locally would be a huge step in accomplishing that.

I did a search here and wasn’t able to find anything that assisted me, nor did google appear to be much help.



Look at EpicWeb Install Guide…
Chapter 10: Configure Windows Admin Workstation


Would you be able to send me that document? I cannot locate it on EpicWeb. I found the Epicor 905 Installation Guide - Progress, but Chapter 10 refers to post installation steps on the server.



I cannot share Epic Web documents directly since they are behind a “paywall” but here is a link

Thanks for the link to the document. I know what that chapter is trying to accomplish and we actually have a 32 bit VM set up for accomplishing that but unfortunately I didn’t find anything really to help me properly install the admin tool on my local machine. I read I had to have Open Edge installed which I found our E 905 media disk and installed it minus the hotfix but I’m not exactly sure where to go from there as Open Edge doesn’t appear to have any reference to our production servers.

An admin workstation is the same as a local machine, if you follow those instructions you can install Admin on your local machine. If you follow those exact instructions in your local machine you’ll have admin tools and such in your machine.

Run the client install.
Check the Admin Tools or Schema Change Options to reveal those options.

Set the folder where your OE is. Check the box Admin Tools.

You may have to uninstall first.


I have the Admin Tools installed as well as OpenEdge from the Epicor media. Unfortunately Admin Tools won’t run. I get the error “msgOpen: unable to open message file: PROMSGS” On another Epicor document it told me in order to correct that issue to update the target path in the shortcut, unfortunately my target path doesn’t match the one in their example so I’m still stuck.

I highly recommend a call to support :slight_smile:
they are usually really handy with stuff like this

OpenEdge is a bit of a nightmare especially on 64 bits


If you search your OpenEdge folder, you will find several versions of PROMSGS (.1, .2, etc.) and the older version is no longer in your new OpenEdge folder. So simply find the PROMSG files and move them to your new OpenEdge installation.

Mark W.

Also, I’m getting old and I may be thinking of the PROWORD file…so YMMV. :slight_smile:

I was finally able to get this working after much digging and trial and error. I compared our 64-bit server and our 32-bit workstation and compiled all the different folders I needed and put them all in a singular location and modified the target location on the Admin Tools shortcut. I also had to update the Epicor905.ini and mfgsysTCP.r file to correct some information.

I basically have two sets of Epicor client files in two separate locations which I don’t think I need but I don’t feel like uninstalling Epicor and putting it into the new location or moving the files I need to the old location and fixing the paths so they find the right files so I’m taking up an extra 10GB of space which I don’t need to, but I’m not concerned with that at this point.

If anyone needs help with getting this accomplished then I’d be happy to explain my process.