Alert for operation taking longer than expected

Does anyone have any idea or anything in place where Epicor alerts certain people when an operation takes longer than expected?

A request came in asking for something along the lines of if an operation completes more than 20% longer than what the standard rate should be to alert the proper people so we can find out whats going on / adjust anything. This seems like something somebody would have thought of along the way.

Looking for ideas to go about this. Anyone?

Sounds like a Shop Warning might work for you… have you investigated those?

Looking at this I think that its not exactly what they are looking for.

More along the lines of Epicor expected this should take 1 hour based on job quantity and our PPH standard and it too 2 hours. This doesn’t seem to be able to track that.

OK, then perhaps this one…

Otherwise, I think you’ll need to create another mechanism, like a BPM/function to send a warning message or a BAQ/dashboard to run at a certain interval to check occasionally (or a similar BAQ gadget tile).

This might work. It seems that someone set a few of the shop warnings up at some point and no one cleared any of them in shop tracker so we have years of warnings to clear. If I try and move all to history it freezes on me. :smiling_face_with_tear:

This will work for what we want to do but I am noticing some odd behavoir with the Variance % field. It rounds it to the nearest 100 and if I use code 160 for Under Limit efficiency it just puts a 0 in that field. Any thoughts or ideas how to maybe make this more accurate?