"What if" or Forecasting

Need to understand best process to “what if” going from a 40 to 50 hour week and the production capacity implications. Decision processes and the dashboards or datasets to aid in making a determination to turn on OT. We don’t have forecasts and jobs are only loaded into our production schedule once we have a PO.


The clear answer here is the overload informer. Unfortunately, it has been next to impossible to get it to function properly - at least in our location. Upgrading from 8 caused enough data errors that our IT guy is challenged with using the Epicor-approved way of correcting bad data in the shop load table.

The method we have used is to construct tentative demand and run MRP infinitely, looking for overloads across resources/resource groups. That required some modification to the shop load report.

Another method is to look at job scheduling board before and after the change. You should see a difference in the number of jobs that schedule late (assuming finite) once you add the additional hours to your shop calendar.

Challenging issue, with a lot of upsides if you can tame the scheduler. Interested in seeing what other folks might have done to address this typical shop need.