Any Insights 2022 Gaylord Hotel cancellations?

Hi all,

So we just found out that my hotel reservation for next month’s Insights was not made, or was not made correctly anyway, and now there are no rooms available. :unamused: If anyone happens to need to cancel their room at the Gaylord, and they see this, would you let me know? I know it’s a longshot, but it was hard enough last year, being in the same hotel - I am super frustrated that now I’m going to have to get there from a different hotel. Smh. :cold_sweat: I get lost everywhere.

The same thing happened to me a few years ago in Nashville. Stayed at the Holiday Inn across the street, they had a shuttle. Not the answer you’re looking for, but home it helps.

SUCH a bummer, right? Last year was a nightmare (my bag was MUCH too heavy for all that walking) so I’m very nervous for how I’m going to do this year having to walk over from some other hotel. I’ve been to Nashville but never the Gaylord, and I am the worst with new places and directions. Overall, I am not happy, but there’s nothing to be done. I got a reservation at the Gaylord Inn last night, and they do have a shuttle, @bderuvo - but it doesn’t start until 10am, so I’m on my own in the morning. If I never show up on Sunday morning, put out an APB! :grimacing: I’m going to try to let go of my disappointment on this one, and try to focus on those “open bars” @hmwillett was talking about! Where do I find those? :thinking:

Now we’re talking! lol

Epicor hosts them each night. Welcome Reception on Monday, Wine and Cheese Reception on Tuesday, and the Wednesday entertainment. Drinks are free!

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BTW, if Erin ever says she “…feels handcuffed by management…”, someone needs to go and get her!



Ah yes, okay. I knew about that, I was thinking you meant outside the conference for some reason. I will see you there!!

I don’t think giving away drinks would be good for Business. :joy:

Unless it’s ladies night…

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This is what came up when searching for ‘Ladies Night’ in Nashville.
You coming with @Banderson? :grin: :partying_face:

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ummmm. no.

I can’t be the only one thinking following @hmwillett to a Ladies Night event would be the most entertaining thing of the week?

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It’s sure to be a grand time. :wink:

So–it’s decided then. That’s where the EpiUsers meetup will be, right @josecgomez?

Totally! I’m tempted just for the entertainment.

I dont think you need a hotel room… the EpiUsers crowd stays awake for 4 days straight… never-ending hackathons all night followed by conference during day.

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Superb reference!!!

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It’s a classic!
Also what got me into The Prodigy’s music


:sparkling_heart: You and I are kindred spirits I think…

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We were put in a similar situation. So, If we have to drive to insights we might as well stay somewhere fun. So we booked a loft 1 block from Broadway through Airbnb. We will for sure get lost but at least we will have a great time.


Hahaha nice Katie!