APR Error Only DocStar attachments are supported

Just curious. On 10.2.400.5, I’m getting an “Only DocStar attachments are supported.” error in the System Monitor when I try to using a Document Type that is associated with Storage Type of “File System Document”, in the routing . Is it not possible to enable DocStar and File System Documents? If this isn’t possible, wouldn’t Company Maintenance disable the File System Document option if DocStar is enabled?

We might run a report daily and add it as an attachment to the customer but we don’t need daily versions stored in DocStar. The File System type work fine this if I could get it to work.

If there was a way to automate the deletion of old versions in DocStar, I wouldn’t use the File System type but I haven’t found any documentation that leads me to believe it can be done.

Docstar attachemnts are only supported in print routing.
File system can still be used as normal attachments, not part of print routing.

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@Olga - I think I know the answer I am going to receive on this but do you know if SharePoint (either on-prem or O365) will be a supported option in the future for attaching in APR?

Sorry, I don’t know that.

Probably a long shot but do you know if there is any plans to change that or is print routing only going to support Docstar?

Also, is there more api documentation for docstar? I’ve scoured epicweb and have come up short.

As far as I know, there really isn’t a public API for DocStar at this time. I’ve search Care Central, DocStar’s support site, and there is not any API information there either. I have a question in with our DocStar consultant and I’ll post when I get a reply.


Apparently, no REST. However, this is a DocStar API of some kind for purchase as a separate module.