APR not working, but attaching documents manually is

I’m getting a “The wait operation timed out” when APR is trying to automatically attach documents to Docstar. When I’m dragging/dropping, or adding manually to any form it works as expected. I’m not sure what to check first here. It may be a permissions issue. The Docstar App server is on a different box than the DB server.

Viewing attached documents works as well.

*Note … after failing to attach the document, the report then does print/preview.

Any chance the file name is too long?

It’s the same server, I just am testing moving to a new DB Server. It just seems weird I can attach a document manually, but APR cannot. The process works on the old server.

In ECM under the Admin tab then Company on the far right is View Audit. Set the start back since it sets the start at current which is not bright. Be careful of the Clear audit which is at the top and make sure to use the search at the bottom. It will only give you 1000 records so you may have to narrow the time to find the upload. Hopefully they put some hints in there.

In ECM Also under Admin > company is Import Jobs. You can filter by status and then pick failed or completed with errors.

I did a full search of that. It shows my test/regular adds, but nothing from the APR.

And now it works. Nothing changed except I ran update statistics on the test DB.

Where do you run that update statistics from? I think I had to do it once, but cannot remember how I did it.

You have to run that from the SQL Server itself. There’s a thread here somewhere about SQL Maintenance scripts.

EDIT: Here it is

This is smart advice as well, watch the number of characters in a title, APRs will fail and this can be confusing if not aware of the title limitation.