AR Invoice Entry - Shipment Brings In Only Header

Hey all,

Odd thing in AR invoicing – we have a couple of invoices that show up as shipments and pull in as invoices. But they come in with no invoice line, only a header.

I don’t see any reason why by looking at the customer shipment. But from a BAQ I get this:

ShipDtl_OurInventoryShipQty ShipDtl_OurJobShipQty ShipDtl_SellingInventoryShipQty ShipDtl_SellingJobShipQty Job
0 1 -1 1 118921-1-1
0 1 0 1 119394-1-1
0 1 -1 1 119444-1-1

The middle row pulls in the shipment correctly. Top and bottom show a negative number of SellingInventoryShipQty. I can’t see how this might have happened.

From order tracker, the lines all look good. The order releases are all set to make direct (override). All have jobs.

Has anyone seen this situation where the SellingInventoryShipQty goes negative? Think that might be the reason the shipment isn’t pulling into the AR invoice batch?



Are you positive these were transactions that Epicor created and not an integration or someone playing with the data in another way?


I’m pretty sure nothing out of the ordinary is going on. Both customers were on credit hold and they bypassed the warning, but that’s not unusual.

I fixed the immediate issue in those two shipments with a DMT update. Watching for another occurrence.



Are the first and third parts set up in Part Maintenance as a stocked part (with the Non-Stock Item checkbox unchecked) but for this sales order were make-to-order?

You will want to check both the Part > Detail tab and the Part > Sites > Detail tab to make sure they match.

Will do. Thanks, Beth.


I have seen only Invoice headers before many times and every time it’s because only positive Ship Qty’s will create Invoice Lines (no need to invoice zero qty).
If I remember correctly the Invoice Entry Get Shipments only evaluates the ShipDtl.SellingXXXXShipQty fields.
From your data, it looks like something went wrong during the shipping process resulting in a negative in the SellingInventoryShipQty and a Positive in the SellingJosShipQty. I suspect the Get Shipments process is adding those two fields together, coming up with zero and thus does not need to be Invoiced.
I have a client with a weird somewhat random issue where if they enter the same SO Line/Rel with the same LotNum on two different Lines on the Same Pack, one of those lines will have the SellingXXXShipQty to be double of the OurXXXShipQty. Epicor support only wanted to provide a data specific data fix for each time this happens (a few times a month), so I ended up using an SQL script to correct the data after confirmations from Shipping. Otherwise it will Invoice for the double the amount.

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Hi Rick,

Yes, it was my thinking that it was adding the SellingInventoryShipQty and SellingJobShipQty and coming up with zero. I set SellingInventoryShipQty to zero with DMT and both shipments invoices just fine. Just had to unship first and then reship after.

Both shipments were from single line orders with qty 1 ordered and shipped.

We’ll keep watching it.