AR Invoice - Use Days for DueDate, but monthly for payment schedule

Our promissory note terms are currently set as ‘Day of Month’ (due on the 1st with a 5 day minimum), but our accounting team is asking to move to (30) ‘Days’ from invoicing for the first payment.

Problem is that this changes the payment schedule from the same day every month, to whatever interval is set.

How could we have both?

Ex: Order ships and invoices today 9/6. Terms are a 3 year prom note. We’d like the 1st invoice payment due one month from today, on 10/6. The 2nd on 11/6, etc… Not the 2nd payment in 60 days (11/5), 3rd in 90 days (12/5), 4th on 1/4, and so on.

In AR Invoice Entry and Posted Invoice Update you can change the payment schedule, so you should be able to just reset the dates for payments 2-36 to be on the same day of the month that the initial payment landed.