Print routing broken 10.2

Print routing which used to work fine in 10.1.400 has gone haywire, but randomly so it wasn’t caught in testing.

Customer invoices sometimes neither print or email, but it’s always just an odd few out of a run of hundreds with no pattern we can spot.

And now Finance have just actioned the Customer statements, no emails have been sent but the same few hard copy ones are repeatedly being printed over and over again although the system monitor says they’ve been sent only once.

Anyone any ideas?

Can you be more specific?

Well, right now, we have the Customer statements. They were printed to the main office printer, but with routing enabled.

Routing has a break column of CustNum. After that it checks to see if there’s a hard copy invoice flag and if so prints to that printer. If not, it sends via email. This has all been fine until now.

Right now, nothing has gone via email, but the same set of documents are arriving repeatedly over and over in the main printer queue although System Monitor says they’ve been printed (slowly) only once each. It’s as though every document is being sent again for every customer, all hard copy.

Invoices are more sporadic. Some of those just don’t print at all, but we can never predict which they might be.

just a side question…

Did you set a custom check box on the Customer to flag hard coy invoice?

Is the SMTP set up correctly on the company/have you verified the SMTP is working?

We did. It works well for us (or has until now).

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Yes. Invoices have been emailed, and Order Acknowledgements have been flawless.

Further checking:

I’ve had the statements sent to print again, this time with an archive period of a day so I can look at the data, get a GUID and open in Report Builder. There’s nothing wrong with the report itself. It opens as normal and looks exactly as it should.

Can you throw up screen shot of the APR routing and the conditions on the break widget?



An update anyway -

This is now a support ticket with Epicor, and neither a WebEx or a trawl through logs revealed anything unexpected so I’m waiting to hear more.
The really odd thing is that by reversing the conditional I managed to get the email route working again, and that part works without problem. But once it starts printing to a printer, the print jobs mount in the queue at several per second. I killed the task with an app pool recycle once the number of documents got past 5000.