Auto Print BPM

I’m trying to setup a Dat Driective BPM to print a Sales Order Acknowledgement when I click a UD checkbox on the Sales Order Entry screen. I can’t get it to either print preview or auto print, I can see the task in System Monitor under the Active Task tab and the status is Pending.

This is my first time trying to use Auto Print, Do I have to setup something in the Company Maintenance?

Post a screenshot of your BPM and the parameters you set for the auto print.


Does the report preview when done manually?

  1. Make sure your task agent is running and properly setup.
  2. Make sure your default printer is properly setup as well.
  3. Is BPM asynchronous actions processing still a thing? Not sure if that could affect it, if it is still required.

It does print manually, and I have restarted the task manager as well with no luck.

Does it print if you remove the email widget?

And does the email widget actually generate an email?

It does so I know it being fired correctly.

I think the SSRSRenderFor needs a value like ‘PDF’

Never mind on that SSRSRender For setting. That’s set in the first screen

What if you try changing the Print Action to ‘Auto Preview’ ?

I tried that and Email/Fax and neither worked.

I had an auto print for packers, and in the settings I had to enter an expression for the PackNumList as well as the PackNum


the expression is:

That might just have been so that mass printing packers would also work. But you might try adding it (adjusted for OrderNum, obviously)

No luck adding the OrderNumList.

I duplicated what you’re trying to do, and got the following working:


(the second condition is to limit to just for my testing)




EDIT: I did have a value for SSRSRenderFor. Not sure if it was needed when I made this DD (well over a year ago)

Edit #2 For completeness - here’s the Execution rule settings

Got it to work in our live database, I was working in our pilot database. Not sure what’s going on with it but thanks for all your help.


In 10.2.300 i cannot find the Auto Print.

Any help on this.

Auto print is only in Standard Data Directives not InTransaction.