Auto regeneration of data model?


Is it possible to automate the data model regeneration? I know there is an executable DataModelGenerator.exe in the client folder, but it’s different that the version that runs in the administration console. Thanks.


Depending on the ERP version, in the EAC help, there is a topic called Standalone Launch Options under the Database Server Management parent topic that provides information on the various ways to trigger a Data Model Regeneration.

You probably could… But why? Data model ReGen should only happen when there is a data structure change which should be rare.
If you are doing it enough to warrant automating… I’m a little worried


Hi Jose, BBussey,
Doesn’t Data Model regeneration requires an App Pool recycle of each App Server? What is the advantage of letting it regenerate automatically if you still need to wait for an App Pool reset?

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Carlos Quintanilla

We are automating the regen as part of our E9/E10 upgrade process and we are highly customized. There is a point in the upgrade process where we have to regen a few times regarding index generation on UD Character fields, of which Progress allows but SQL does not (due to NVARCHAR(MAX) field format). We have a 48-hour window to get everything done and need to maximize our time wherever possible.

In the help file of the administration console, there are instructions on how to schedule the process as well as running through the console although they are not very clear, so there is a provision to perform a regen from a command prompt.

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I will look for this, thanks. I saw the section on the Data Model Regen that touches on launching from the command prompt but the Standalone Launch section might be more explicit.

We have the start/stop for the app pool and task agent automated already. Just need to figure out the regen part.