Automation studio connector issues with integration account

Originally we were told we had to use the manager account (or A security manager account) to set up the Kinetic instance in automation studio, which we did. But then later within automation studio > recipes > connectors we reconnected it with an integration account. Why? To control security better AND to not have to worry about breaking our recipes when we needed to reset the password on the manager account. We THOUGHT this was working fine but just discovered that it is now failing to find customer shipments (in the kinetic connector > get > record type = custships) but only for one company. It still succeeds when looking for shipments in two other companies/multiple other sites < — this tells me the recipe has the correct request settings. Switching the connector BACK to the manager account resolves the issue.

Why would the connector not work in this very specific way when using an integration account? The integration account is authorized for all companies and all sites so that is not the issue. The integration account has an open access scope so that is also not the issue. The only difference is that it is flagged as an integration account and it is not a security manager.

I did log a support case but am curious what other people are doing - are you running automation studio using a security manager account? If you are using an integration account are you doing anything with shipments specifically?

What about territory access?

Can you say more? The integration account isn’t listed as a salesperson under the (single) territory in this company but neither is the manager account.

Any authorized users issues? Look in erp.SaleAuth table for a reference on that account.

The only records in that table for both the companies where it works and the one where it doesn’t work are for ConversionAdmin and ConversionUser, which would have been generated by the cirrus conversion a few years ago. I guess I can try adding the integration account and see if it makes a difference?

No this really seems like a territory access issue. Can you try going to a workforce record (or create a new one) in that Company

Mark it as View All Territories

Then make this account authorized on that record

Add Integration Account Here:

That should override any stray territory permissions. If that fixes it, then it means that somewhere… somehow this account got associated with a specific territory.

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Ok I will test this out

Well initial testing indicates that does seem to have resolved the issue - amazing!

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now you should poke about and find out how the f… that account got setup as territory access. The fix I gave you s an “OVERRIDE” but not the answer you should keep


Well the plot thickens. I can remove the workforce record and it still works as long as the field selection is removed from the get (return all instead of returning selected). Makes no sense at all. Support has no idea.

That’s likely because in the selector you can pick fields from (customer) and or related to customer. Can you upload a copy of the baq (if you don’t mind)?

It’s not a baq, its just a get command on the kinetic connector (get custships). These were the field selections: