Backflush Bin Issue

Hi all,

We have set up several parts to use the backflush logic, but despite there being stock in the relevant bin, the backflush process does not work, and when the material is mass issued, it comes from the parts primary warehouse bin. Are there any other factors which might be causing this? I’ve checked the backflush logic and made sure stock is available in the ‘IN Bin’ of the resource used by the operation the material is used in.

Any thoughts?

Has the primary warehouse bin been setup as non-nettable - I believe that backflush will look there first, ignoring what is on hand elsewhere and will back flush from there even if less than zero. I also think the mass issue uses the primary warehouse by default.

If backflush is just not working at all have you confirmed that the job referencing this material has a related operation specified for that material and that the backflush is checked for that part/operation via job tracker/job entry.

Finally if close the job using the manual job closing, and choose the back flush option, does the backflush happen then.

Hi James, thanks for your response. I’ll take a look at the primary warehouse tomorrow to see if it’s non-nettable.

We found that if you are using Time-Backflush Labor Entry in Job, when hours are entered into that Op prior to the following OP (that triggers) backflush, Backflush is not working. We have the issue with the Epicor Developers now