Backflush Subassemblies

I want to backflush my subassemblies when completing my top level operation rather than each subassembly. Anyone do any BPM’s for this because I can’t get Epicor to do that any other way.

Are your subassemblies stocked parts marked as backflush in Part Maintenance?
Is each assembly related to an operation in the method?

You could mark them as Phantom BOMs then the materials will just pull up your top level when you create the job

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This is what we’re doing for most of ours at this time until MES is setup more on the production floor.

Subassemblies are not stocked. They are made in tandem with the rest of the job order. Each subassembly is related to an operation.

That is what I don’t want to do. I want to see what is in each subassembly more clearly.

You are supposed to record labor to them, so if you are not stocking them, and building them on the job, they it’s assumed that you are going to clock in, and report the quantity on the subassamblies as you make them. If you want to “Backflush” them, you would have to move all the material’s to a single level and backflush the materials at that point. This is what Phantom BOM does to @zwilli526 s point.

If you really want to backflush them without building your jobs that way, you’ll have to make a custom something (BPM, Function, you could do a UI customization, but you shouldn’t) to do all of the operations. It’s quite involved but can be done, but if you’re not a pretty competent programmer, you’re going to have a hard time, and it’s going to be too big to get free help here, unless someone is really generous to build something for you.

Thank you for the response. That is what I was afraid of. I will figure out my workarounds. Trying to incorporate a standard into 5 different businesses with different ways of manufacturing…thinking a standard process will not work.