BAQ calculated field - paste insert (is a no-go)

This would be nice, but it’s grayed out. (Yes I have something copied to the clipboard.)

I’m doing a union and 90% of the fields are bogus (null) on the lower query. I sure would love to hammer these in with Excel.

Any other way?

That grid is entirely R/O. And you can’t personalize or customize the BAQ Designer or it’s subforms.

A more daring person might try making a uBAQ on the QuerField table. But there probably aren’t any BO’s that would trigger the update.

Right. I had to ask. I thought maybe there was something simple I was missing. I think this is just part of the drudgery of union queries.

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I wish you could copy and paste whole rows in BAQ criteria, and BPM Condition rows.

Or at least make keyboard entry more friendly and have tabbing out of the last column in a row make a new row, like nearly every other part of the UI. And make the entry in dropdowns consistent - either typing jumps to the next valid entry, or it is freeform (accepts whatever you type).

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I’ll still take it over SQL. I don’t love syntax. I would guess most people on here would rather do SQL, but I’m the weirdo, I know.

But yeah, my jaw dropped when I learned you can copy and paste BPM blocks from one BPM to another. But I can’t do something like Actions>duplicate subquery in the BAQ.

Or use the calculated field as a grid.

Or rename a table alias. (I can rename a block in the BPM designer…)

Or search the table fields in the field selection screen. You can sort A->Z. You can export the field list to excel and search and then go look for it. But no search. (The BPM screen has a search that looks even in the middle of a name.) I actually put in an Idea for that one (ERP-I-358). Part of my problem with that is that the UD fields are not in sequence. I deliberately have them in a specific order. Development is supposed to be fixing that part of it.