BAQ Problems with Criteria and UD Field - 10.1.400.7

I have a BAQ that migrated from E9 to E10 that pulls all open jobs for a customer.  It migrated without error in any logs.  I tested the dashboard tied to the BAQ; it didn't run so I went query designer to investigate.

The query uses the following tables and is built with the tables in this order.

Customer > OrderHed > OrderDtl > OrderRel > JobProd> JobHead > Plant.  There is criteria on JobHead, JobComplete = 0.  When running in designer, I added criteria to the customer table to limit the number of results.

It still wouldn't run.  I decided to start removing fields just in case that was the problem and once all the UD Fields from the JobHead table were removed, the query returned data.  I added just one UD Field back and it times out.  If I change the criteria to JobNum = a job number and add a UD field, it runs.  I realize the criteria for JobNum is going to return less results, but with the criteria I entered for the customer, I'm only expecting 37 records.

I recreated the query with the same tables in the following order.

JobHead > JobProd > OrderRel > OrderDtl > OrderHed> Customer.  Plant is also still in the query tied to JobHead.  I added the JobComplete = 0 criteria back to JobHead and criteria to the customer table.  I added all the fields that are needed, including the UD fields and it ran.

I haven't checked all my queries, but I do have others that have criteria based on a Yes/No field on a table that is not the lead table in the query that run with UD fields present.

Has anyone else seen this?  Is this a bug?  Should I reindex my database?  Are there proper BAQ building suggestions that I should follow to keep this from happening?  I just can't understand why adding UD fields with the JobComplete criteria is breaking the original query.

Any help is appreciated.