BAQ Report Designer - Option Field parameters

We have a BAQ Report that is run against the GLJrnDtl table that is very large. We use a field parameter within the BAQ Report Designer where the Fiscal year and period equals but it is taking a longer time whenever we rollover to a new fiscal year. Are the BAQ Report Designer field parameters a pre or post selection filter on the BAQ? Any thoughts as to why it would work for the previous fiscal year and not the new fiscal year? Maybe reindex?

Dear Chia,
Any DB cleanup/maintenance/reindexing is worth a look; however, a BAQ report is a post-filter and the controls do not limit the scope of the BAQ. If you can find out what’s the absolute earliest date someone would want a report to be run for, you can put an absolute limitation on the BAQ itself, and then you’re cutting your processing time. It’s a good idea to put a note on the dashboard or report, reminding the user that regardless of date range settings, the reporting tool can only go back so far. Also, you may benefit from using a relative date such as in this case where we report something for the past 18 months:



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