BAQ Report Filter Doesn't Work

I have a query where I am trying to apply a report filter JobHead.ProjectID (I have also tried with JobNum). The report runs fine if I leave all jobs selected but whenever I try to apply a filter the report will run, and show up as complete in the system monitor, but will not actually show up.

For some background the query has JobHead as the main table and everything else left joined to it. It also generates more than 10,000 rows in the designer. (not sure if that’s important)

There is an error in the SSRS report. The BAQ is successful in generating the data, but the report file is failing.

Open the report in SSRS Report Builder and select Run…

Copy and Paste the report guid from System Monitor…

Into the TableGuid field in Report Builder and click View Report…

You should get an error giving you more information.

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Thank you! It turns out, because the table in my query was called JobHead2 and the filter was on JobHead_ProjectID it was throwing an error saying the column was invalid.

I just had to change the filter to JobHead2_ProjectID and it works fine.