BAQ Report Filter with Multiple Values

I am working on a BAQ Report, and have created the BAQ, the BAQ Report (in turn creating the RDL on the SSRS Server) and the report style…all is good(ish). As you can see in the screenshots below, I have the filter set up in the BAQ Report Designer, and it appears in the report menu:


The issue is with the filter…I am forced to click the “Job Number” button and search for the job, rather than having the option to type in the JobNum, or right click and Paste Update to enter many at once.

I am sure there is a simple option I am overlooking, but I can’t seem to figure out what it is.

I am looking to have it like what is shown here:

If you select the “New” toolbar icon,


it will add a blank row to the Grid. Then you can type or paste the job number

And FWIW - you should make the JobNum column first. That way you could use Paste Insert to enter a pre-existing list of jobs.


If using Paste Insert, don’t make that blank row first.


I almost responded with “C’mon now, I aint a flippin moron…I clicked the new button!”…then I realized I am a flippin moron…while I did click the new button, I failed to scroll to the right to see that there was a Job Number field waiting to be typed in.
Is there a way for me to force that field to be the 1st one when someone else opens this menu? I know that I can change it via the personalization menu for me, but that doesn’t flow to other users, right?

I believe you can save a “personalization” feature while making a customization for a screen.

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Yeah, so that did it. I have no idea why that never crossed my mind. I’ll sheepishly accept my blonde moment.

We have all been stupid users at some point. Rarely happens to me :slight_smile: