BAQ reports: Adding more BAQs to the RDD?


I have created a BAQ report and tried adding a BAQ to the RDD that was created with the BAQ Report Designer. after I added the BAQ I went to the Report Style and clicked on “Sync Dataset” button, when I opened the report with Report Builder, the dataset for the added BAQ wasn’t there, it didn’t appear at all.

Could someone explain why it didn’t work? What did I do wrong?

@aamerabuarja, Could you please share the screenshot?

This is the RDD with the BAQ added:

These are the Report Data Sets:

Before you ask, No, the fields from the added BAQ do not appear in the BAQReportResult Data Table.

I don’t necessarily know why it didn’t work but I wouldn’t use BAQ Report Designer. Just create the RDD yourself and add the BAQ to it. Then Create a Report Style that uses that RDD and when you click Actions - Download SSRS Report it will bring the BAQ Fields through as a DataSet in your SSRS Report.

I believe this rule still holds: NEVER, EVER, EVER…EVER :slight_smile: …use the Sync Dataset button. :warning: :skull_and_crossbones: :no_entry_sign: :no_good_woman: :see_no_evil: There are a lot of posts about that on here, it can really mess up the DataSets in your report.

I use it with BAQ reports without issue, but never elsewhere.

I assume you synced, got a confirmation it completed then downloaded the ssrs to your machine again?


I have created the BAQ Report Dataset and Report for your reference screenshot is attached.

Please follow the steps in attached word file.

RDD Report.docx (41.9 KB)

I’ll go with what you say and create it from scratch, but how do I add filters to the report?

No, actually I continued from the SQL report server after I synced, I didn’t download it.

@Hari_Dutt, thanks for the word file, I now have a better understanding of how to create the report.
I’ll get back to you once I’m finished.