Is it possible to give someone access just to BAQ and not all of the System Management or Executive Analysis? All they would need is the ability to create one, saving can be optional.

Drop the BAQ menu into a different folder in the menu setup, then add a security to that folder that matches what you want.

can’t find much help on this, so can I create a new security group and set permissions? I see how to set up a new security group, but can’t figure out how to set those permissions.

When you are in menu maintenance, you assign a security ID to that menu item. For what you are doing, I would probably just copy the BAQ menu into a folder that they have access to. If that doesn’t work (maybe there are too many people that have access in that security group) you can make a new security group. I would make a folder to apply it to and then put the BAQ menu in that folder. (I think there are some difficulties with applying security to the actual menu item, but I’m not 100% sure, I haven’t messed with it much.) Then you can set the various options of who has access and whatnot there. Just remember that when you are looking at security groups, if it’s an existing ones, the changes to that security group apply to every menu that the security group is applied to. The help file has security in there too, so that should answer more questions.

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