How to limit access to a Dashboard?

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Hope you are keeping well?.. I have just designed a Dashboard for my MD and COO, I have being asked to limit the access to one three users on the system…

Help with this would be great…

You define security levels when you add the dashboard to the menu using menu maintenance. You define the permissions for the security level in menu security maintenance. Here you can allow/disallow groups or individuals.
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Here that’s great news, thanks a million for that…

Didn’t know where to start… Will keep you posted, like to say that this place has been a life saver…


Make sure to apply that same security ID to the BAQ you created the dashboard from as well.


I have never done that. I see that all of my BAQs have a blank security ID. I assume that means that the menu security will take over. I guess if my end users could get into the BAQ designer then they could run the BAQ outside of the menu dashboard, but no one in my company can get into BAQ designer besides me.

Are there any reasons I should or shouldn’t be using security at my BAQ level?

Users can create a BAQ widget in the Active Desktop so they can run any blank BAQ out there. BAQs can be run via REST too, so you really want to lock them down. BAQs do respect site, territory, and field security though.


That is good to know. Thanks @Mark_Wonsil!

Thank you for that… Great information…

Actually, we can thank @jnbadger for bringing this up a few months ago.