BPM for MES Login Verification

We are trying to move towards paperless work orders in the shop but our quality manager has a major issue. Anyone can clock into a job as any employee in the MES system. I thought I had notes on how to require a PIN number (defined as a UD field in the Employee Record) that a BPM would ask for and verify on clock in, but I can’t find them. I have also seen discussions about having a BPM run to match the employee ID to the user name that is logged in. I can’t seem to figure out how to do either of these. BPMs are my weakest point. Any help in where to start or tips for locking labor entry down would be great.

You wanna look at BPM Data forms. You can easily store an PIN in the EmpBasic record for each employee say on Character01
Then on a BPM fire off a BPM data form that prompts for the PIN number and then you check the entered pin against the EmpBasic table.

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Thanks!! I made a BPM to ask for the PIN (Order 10) and I have the PIN set up as Char01 in the EmpBasic table. I am trying to set up another BPM (order 20) to verify the pin. I cannot figure out where the answer for the BPM form is kept. The form creator says BPMData.Character01 but I cannot find that field. I did find something similar and wrote this:

CONDITION: the ttCallContextBpmData.Character01 field is not equal to the ttEmpBasic.Character… expression

ACTIONS: raise exception based on the Wrong Pin template

I am not sure if I am heading in the right direction - It didn’t raise the error when I put in the wrong PIN.

I figured it out!!! Had to add a post processing directive to check the fields :slight_smile:


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