BPMs on JobEntry

Hi all!

I’ll try to rephrase this post. (Can't save after BPM worked - #5 by ckrusen)

I find myself with Jobs created from some orders (not with the MRP, so they don’t have the same comments as the line/kit of the order).
I need to create something (BPM, customization,…) to copy the order/line/kit comments on the job itself.

I tried with some BPMs (JobEntry,GetRows, GetByID, GetList) but everyone seems not to be working (even with a simple ‘Show Message’).
The only method that seems to be called is GetDatasetForTree.

Can someone explain me why? And maybe address me with some knowledge to make this.


The Pick List/ Job comment automatically copies to the Job comment. Even on manually created jobs (i.e. not using MRP or Job Manager).

It does it after you’ve added an order based demand link.

And what if the order is make to Stock?

I know that this process should be automatic, but in my case it is not.
Is there a way to make my request possible?

Is it okay to update the Job comments with the order line comments everytime the job is updated?

Yeah (cause with some code I can decide whenever to update it or not) but I need that the first time that the comment is updated is when for he first time i open the Job. Cause I don’t know if the user will modify the job or it will simply look at it and do it.

Here’s what I did (which seems to work in the conditions you need)

JobEntry.Update / Pre-Proc

  1. Set variable oNum from the string JobHead.JobNum
  2. Set variable oLine from the string JobHead.JobNum
  3. Check to make sure this JobNum looks like a Order-Line combo
  4. Use Update Table by Query to set JobHead.CommentText

  1. qrOrderDtl


  2. “Added and updated rows”

  3. Table “ttJobHead”

  4. Mapping:


Thank you, I managed to get it to work with your solution!
I still can’t understand why the JobEntry don’t use the standard methods like GetByID, GetRows,…