Bringing RDD column label into RDL

Is there a syntax to use in the RDL query that can bring in column labels? We have a report that is used in multiple languages, and would like to leverage the standard labels instead of writing conditional statements. The labels we want are not being pulled into the standard RDL.


I don’t know this for sure… but I was under the impression that similar to the value fields, there is an “Exclude” checkbox for each label in each data source. If that is unchecked, it should be able to be manually added to the query in the dataset in the SSRS. The labels should be passed into those SSRS temp tables… but you may have to manually add them to the dataset SQL query and create the fields to pull from.

I’ve never actually tried it myself, though.

I was not able to figure out the syntax for the “Included” labels from a specific table in the RDD, but I did find that you can pull in the labels from the “Report Labels” section of the RDD. An example of the field in the query would be “T4.RptLiteralsLOrderQty”, with “LOrderQty” being the name in the “Report Labels” section of the RDD.

Are you still stuck? Or did you get something working?
I don’t mind taking a look on my end and seeing what I can figure out if you need it.

I’m all set, the Report Labels worked well enough for me. Thank you!