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Is there a way to add either new datasets to the standard OrderAck RDL or add additional columns to the existing OrderHed dataset? I need DocTotalDiscount field from OrderHed to show up and be able to use on the report, or an alternate field that sums all the values per line from OrderDtl.

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You need to copy the RDD and then you will be able to edit that new RDD.

So what I have done so far is created a copy of the standard RDD and tried unexcluding those fields from the data sources but those changes are not showing up on the RDL in Report Builder and the only Data Source shown is OrderHed

Ah, you need to edit the OrderHed datasource in the RDL to include the fields you included. If it OrderHed is T1, it would be adding in “T1.DocTotalDiscount,” in the query and then adding a new Query Field in the dataset.

Could you explain what T1,T2,T3, T4 actually mean?

Also where exactly does the T1.DocTotalDiscount need to be added in?

The T1, T2, etc is what the tables are aliased as in the Query. The yellow highlight is where you edit the query (by clicking on the fx button). The red highlight is where you add the query field to be able to add it to the actual report.

So I was able to get DocTotalDiscount to show up and I added a field that pulled that value and it even allowed for me to upload that report back into Epicor. But when I go to print a SO Form that field comes out blank even though in Sales Order Entry the field has a value

Make sure you did not add it to a report part that is conditionally hidden.

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Is there a specific location that T1.DocTotalDiscount needs to be added within the Query Expression?

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The visibility for that row is set to show

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As long as it is with all of the other fields in the query, it is fine.

The CommandText expression for the query ‘OrderHed’ contains an error: [BC30648] String constants must end with a double quote.

I get this error when I try to upload the report back into Epicor

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What is the expression in the field?


I personally prefer to just put the field in there and use right click > format to format numbers instead of through code.

In your case, I do not believe that function is complete. I believe there is a second argument to enter.

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Would the second argument be dataset being used? So: =Fields!DocTotalDiscount.Value, “OrderHed”

No, I believe it is the format of the number. So how many decimals.

There are going to be 2 decimal places

Fields!DocTotalDiscount.Value, First(Fields!DecimalsGeneral.Value, “RptParameter”)

Something like this maybe?

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