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Has anyone customized the Kinetic Call Log Slide Out. Its not available in the Slide Out Panels or anywhere else in the Application map that I can find. Modifying the non-menu item in the process section was the solution for the classic screen, but it doesn’t appear that the same logic applies for Kinetic.

I haven’t and we’ll have to probably call @hmwillett in on this, but I believe this is considered a “global Slide Out” and we may need more capabilities to modify it. SDK maybe? IIRC, global slide outs can be used across applications. I was wondering the same thing about the attachment slide out.

Not global, I just checked and they’re called reusable slide outs.

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My initial impression is that it’s baked into the application code, called at runtime, and populated with REST. (Yes–I’m looking at change logs and you said call logs. It’s all the same–buried in this awful JS file).

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Post a link when you get the Idea setup.

I was just going to be a cynical a-hole and leave it for dead, but why not.

Ability to Modify Call Log in Application | Epicor Kinetic Ideas (

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I gathered that but it’s a good idea and I’m 99% sure we’ll want to modify the Call Log when we go to Kinetic.