How to pre populate VendContact & Buyers Email with some body text filled in

We are using this functionality since 5+ year in classic Epicor. When I try to simulate similar process in Kinetic, I can’t find the slider form to customize which map like classic .

For quick reference, I am attaching both classic and kinetic view.

I can’t find any slider panel for PO Form Report in Kinetic- Which will open from eclipses … menu. also no library form available for this slider form.

Appreciate and welcome some ideas from forum. Thanks.

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@hmwillett Please review this request and have your expert comments. Really appreciated your feedback. Thanks

You cannot customize global sliders like that.

@hmwillett Correct. In classic we have option to have multiple customization layer of lib form and call specific layer using process calling maintenance. I had one support call with Epicor-We can’t have kinetic custom BPM form - may be available in 23.1 or future. Thanks for update, if you find someway in future for this request, update me later. Thanks

Add your vote: Ability to Modify Call Log in Application | Epicor Kinetic Ideas (

Call Log is also a global slide out panel, so this idea can directly affect yours if they change it to be all global panels.

I had a support case and they entered problem case for my request. FYI:

I just verified from support case history that BPM form customization will be available in Fall 2023.2 version.