Call Number 583663MPS Technical Support Reply: JM - Mass ABOM r

Anyone who would be interested in this request, please let Vantage know, so
that it has a better chance of being implemented!

Please reference call # 583663MPS if you have any additional questions on
this issue.

Hi Steve,

Here is a copy of the Enhancement Request that I submitted on your behalf.
The document number is 4092mps.

Please fill out this form and fax it to Vantage Support at 952-582-5568.
Incident Number:583663
Type of Shop: Assembly & Fabrication
Suggested Enhancement: (Please be as specific as possible.)
To have some sort of capability to mass update jobs, either open,
engineered, or released, based on a new requirement from an Engingeering

Customer wants the ability to make "Global Changes" to jobs.

Purpose (Example of the business problem the enhancement would solve): We
have hundreds of different jobs open, extending out for over 12 months.
Most have pending PO's covering long lead-time items. When a new
Engineering Change comes through, we have to individually update these
jobs. I would like a way to update all jobs associated with the Engineering
Change .
A filter of only unreleased or even, unengineered jobs would be acceptable,
so all jobs that are released would not be affected. Wee make changes to
the amount of machines in a work center, updating time standard, etc., quite
frequently. Updating jobs individually is very time consuming.