Can a serially tracked salvaged part be backed out?

I have a quandary.
We have parts that come off from our main overhaul job that are serially tracked.
Now and again the serial numbers that are inputted for those salvaged parts are incorrect and I have been basically scrapping them off under an administration error and asking the guys to re-salvage the part again. (there are no values to these parts so no cost implications) but using the correct serial number.

When a normal job receipt into inventory is returned to its job its quite easily a -1 figure in Job receipt and then the serial number is identified and then the part is pulled back into the job. This however is not the same when you do it with salvage. I keep coming up with this error.

Any clues, or are we using salvage completely wrong?

Hi Michael,

We use serialization of our top level parts (pumps) so do not usually have lower level parts with serial tracking. However, we do repair jobs and issue our top level parts (pumps) to that and so get serial number tracking / occasional difficulties with it. To troubleshoot your problem, it seems like there’s a data setting in SerialNo maintenance data that is not allowing you to process the salvage. I would look at that SerialNo data for records that work for processing and then see if tweaking it will allow it to proceed with your salvage. Sometimes I need to manually clear out or enter Material sequence code to fix it if the record wasn’t processed correctly. If you clear out the data (just say yes when it warns you about doing this) for material sequence, does it allow you to complete the salvage?