Can a user log themselves out of Epicor from another computer?

Our techs work at their bench when they process orders and are logged into MES to track labor, etc. The techs are also responsible to inspect and pack order which takes place in another location on our production floor. One of the inefficiencies we’re seeing is because we limit users to 1 session, they walk over to inspect and pack and get an error they already have a session open so have to walk back to their desk to logout so they can walk back to login…

We were thinking it would be nice if they could logout of their existing session from a computer in the inspection / packing area with out having to walk back… Any ideas?

Sure that could be done with a customization or a web app
They can hit and hit kill session

The Ice.Contracts.AdminSessionSvcContract can control this. It would allow you to do the same thing as is available in the Admin Console.
I have built something like this in the past as a simple menu item.

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Session Management is available as a standard menu item in 10.2.600 (maybe before). You can delete a license through that. Of course deleting someone’s license causes lots of errors on the client that was open. I wouldn’t want to do that on the shop floor. Many people use generic logins for all the MES clients and leave them open.

Ah yes, @Carson is right, it is a standard menu item. If you wanted to filter it to be just your own user, you would need the do some BPM work. My screen shot was for E10.0

Not seeing it in our 10.2.400 deployment. Looks like it was added in either 500 or 600.