Change Log/Quote Entry

In change log it automatically pulls in the name of the person, how does it do that? And in Quote entry, it pulls in the user id in the tasks, even though our “Sales Rep” is a standrad “Customer Service REpresentative.” How does it do that?

Long game, i am trying to put the nameof the CSR into a report to show who created the quote.

I assume part of the native business logic for this function goes after the user session, which contains the user ID/name/whatever.
The “sales rep” means that the user is a Workforce user as well. Tasks are tied to workforce users and territories and such.

So is there a way to capture the the name of the person that is shown in the tasks?

You might try a post processing BPM on GetNewQuoteHed that passes the new quote num into a variable from the pre-processing. From there, in your post processing, call code to set a custom field that you’ll want to create, otherwise you can use the quote comment field or something. You’ll set the field equal to the Session.UserID string.
See this post, because it’s very similar. BPM to set the value in a dropdown on Quote Header - #3 by Aaron_Moreng - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum