Changing Part Number for Serial Number

Hi all,

I’m pretty new with Epicior, is there a way to change Part Number for a specific Serial Number?

or what’s the process to reverse this?

Appreciate the help and idea.


AFAIK, you can change a lot in serial number maint, but the partnum the serial is tied to pretty sure you cannot change directly. You could create a new serial number (Serial Number Assignment) tied to the correct partnum and ship that instead, but you would need to reverse it back out to the Job level and issue a new serial number.

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Hi Raymark, is it just for traceability purposes? In serial number maintenance if you add a new serial number and enter part number that way, but make sure you replicate all the information which you’ve screenshot already i.e. status, sold to customer, packslip line. Also a reference field which would be good to populate. After you’ve done that, clear out the information on the original serial status to adjusted. However, if this part returns on an RMA you’ll find discrepancies as its a different part to what was sold. The tidiest way to do this would be to raise an RMA, return the incorrect part & ship again.

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Thanks @CSmith for your input :slight_smile:

@Tomas they entered incorrect part number and we want it to be corrected. Thanks for your information.