Clock in grace period and rounding function

Is there a setting that allows for rounding to the nearest 1/4 hour plus an allowance for a “grace period” of +/- 5 min?

Check the company config under Modules\Production\Data Collection.

This is where you can setup grace period information.


Those grace periods are only for clock in / clock out times. So if you want those grace periods to work on your labor detail records for each on (not just the first and last of the day) that you will probably have to make a BPM to adjust the time when the rows are made.

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I found the clock in allowance time. Does this round by enabling it? Or do I need to go somewhere else to allow it?

the grace period only rounds to the start of the workers shift. If won’t round in the middle of the day on the labor detail entries. I don’t know of a place to set that.


Can’t he select the check box for “consider grace for labor detail”?


that only matches up the labor detail with the start and end of the shift.

Thank you for all the help!

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