Complete/Closed Jobs Stuck in Time phase

I am having multiple instances where a job is completed and closed in Job Closing, but is still showing up as demand in time phase. I have looked and WIP is checked cleared, all material was issued, everything myself and the team can think of is done. The only consistency between the jobs is that they are all attached to a project, though different projects. I can send in the required rows to Epicor tech team and get a data fix, but why is this happening? Is anyone else seeing this?

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Can anyone assist us with this issue? Sam and I have researched and cannot come up with a reason behind this happening. We keep getting a generic “fix” from Epicor but continue to see the issue come up randomly. We would appreciate any help or direction.

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What did you do with them? Your screenshot shows they were not received to Stock or Job and were not Shipped. Also, 0 were completed.

This was a development job. The parts were made on the first operation, so RM backflushed correctly, but the parts were not good so nothing was done on the rest of the job and it was closed short. This happens frequently on Dev jobs.

Can you do a screenshot of all the columns in Time Phase?

Is there one in particular that you are looking for? These are the only ones that have any data in them.

Thanks, that’s perfect.

That line is for supply but there is no demand. I do not have an answer but I do have a couple of things to check.

First, any chance Auto Receive is checked on the last operation of the job?

Do you have the AMM module? If yes, check to see if there is a movement request in the queue for this job.

The records for Time Phase are stored in PartDtl. You could run a query against the table for that job/part to see if there is any information in the table you are not seeing in the screen.

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It’s only happened to me a couple times. Odd that it keeps recurring for you.

I don’t think this helps but for moral support:


John, auto receive is checked on the last operation, however no transactions against the op. That is standard for all of our jobs to have auto receive checked, however we create an Inventory operation so the parts go to the Inventory lane to be checked and tagged then parts are claimed on the operation to go to inventory.

We do have the AMM module but there is no movement request for this.

I would go into your test environment and re-create this job and check time phase along every step. Create job, time phase, release job, time phase, etc. See if that supply line appears anywhere along the way.

It may not, but I think you should add a process to follow when closing out jobs that did not get completed. Before you complete and close, have someone go in and take the Auto Receive flag off. My hunch is that the system gets confused because it tries to auto receive the job but there was no quantity completed on the last operation, so it just gets “stuck”.

If you can consistently reproduce you could put a ticket in with Epicor to see if they will fix it.