Context menu item not available


I am adding a context menu to the OrderHed.OrderNum. There are already 10 in the list. Adding a new one shows to the left pane, then save , bang it disapears from the list.

I refresh, and I see it again, but the 10th one that was there earlier is no longer part of the list…

So I wonder is there a maximum context menu items we can add ?


I don’t know if it is a limitation, maybe it is a bug in the UI.

Can you see all existing context menus plus the one you added when right clicking the field?

Hi Pierre

I have not come across any limitation yet.
What I have experienced is the menu disappearing from the Context Menu Maintenance screen. I believe this is a known bug in Epicor.

What I do to get around is to add the context menu, in customisation mode, after save I close the form and reopen to add the next. It takes a lot longer but it seems to get the job done.