Context menu customization issues

Morning all,

I’ve been encountering some weirdness when attempting to add a dashboard assembly menu item to our Open With context menu for Part.PartNum. The “Customization Mode” checkbox is checked before I add the item and after adding it, it shows up without issue. However, as soon as I close Context Menu Maintenance, the new item no longer appears in the context menu. Re-open Context Menu Maintenance, it re-appears. Very odd!

I’ve successfully added other menu items without this issue. Anybody else experience something similar?

I wonder if you can share details on your dashboard details, and what context menu maintenance looks like?


Here’s a screenshot of the Part.PartNum context menu.

What would be useful information about the dashboard? It’s relatively simple with 3 BAQs on it. While context menu maintenance is open, the “Exploded BOM” open with works as expected, loading the BAQs with the proper filter.

Thanks for the help.

I was mostly wondering what the dashboard filtering looks like.
And if you have assigned a dashboard customization to the menu ID?

There are no customizations assigned to this dashboard menu item. It only points to the assembly.

Also interestingly, Context Menu Maintenance merely needs to open, no menu needs to be loaded for this behavior to present.

@fvodden Did you ever find a resolution to this?
I’m seeing the identical issue in 10.2.700.22. A new open with works as long as context menu maintenance is open.

Wondering if you ever found a fix for this. I am tresting 2021.2 right now, and we are seeing and issue where right click on job number is throwing an error unless I have context menu maintenance open.

@fvodden @Carson @IronMB

What worked for me in a similar issue was to delete “Personalization” on the Context Menu as follows:

  • Open Context Menu Maintenance screen.
  • Make sure “Customization Mode” is unchecked.
  • Select the Context Menu ID.
  • If the “Current Status” is “Personalize”, then you have personalization, which you can delete.
  • Click the “X” button on toolbar to delete the personalization.