Create Field Help entry for UD Fields possible?

Is it possible to have a description show in Field Help for UD Fields? We’d like our end users to understand better how the custom fields get used, and Field Help would be a huge help.

I’ve entered descriptions when setting up the UD field, which also shows up under Extended Property Maintenance, but the field help is the generic message “The field definition you want is not yet linked to the Field Help window.” Nothing shows in the Field Help Technical Details.

Here’s something on this from @josecgomez in 2011 - Creating Field Help Text For User Defined Fields - #3 by system - Yahoo Archive - Epicor User Help Forum



Something is wrong with your binding I think. It works for me. I’m not sure how to fix it, but it should be able to do what you want.

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Brandon - Thanks for the screenshot. I’m not sure why ours doesn’t show that. We’re on 10.0.700.4. Extended User Defined Table Maintenance shows the table and data model in sync .

Looks like description is shown in both Extended User Defined Table Maintenance and Extended Property Maintenance. I’ve updated the description in Extended Property Maintenance, which did not update the one in Extended User Defined Table Maintenance. What’s best practice on that?


The control should have its binding set to a DB field

Calvin beat me to posting it, but I had it typed up, so here’s the same thing again:

I think it has to do with the DBfield not showing up. The help is treating it like it’s a calculated field, and doesn’t know where to go to get the help information.


Do you have any other fields that you can look at to see if those are working?

Calvin & Brandon - Looks like DB Field is blank on all of our UD Fields. Guess it’s time to pop in a help ticket to help figure out why…

Can you show us what your binding looks like on one of those fields? Are you using the Epicor binding? Or doing some setting in code?

Brandon - It’s the plain 'ole Epicor Binding, selected from the dropdown:

Sounds like a good candidate for support then. Those are the only things that I can think of to check. (I am not the authority on things to check though… Remember that!)

Brandon - Thanks for the help, regardless. Case CS0001185713 has been submitted…

Sometime I feel like I’m going backwards with respect to my Epicor skills :stuck_out_tongue:

It might be a difference in versions too. We are on

Good point. Just checked our upgrade testing environment… It shows up correctly. That probably means the EpicCare response will be “sorry, known issue, fixed in 10.2, please upgrade”. At least I can get back to figuring out why my BPM isn’t firing… :smile:


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FWIW - I’m on 10.1.400.23, and UD fields only show as EpiBinding. No DB Field or Description are shown.


I Just accidentally stumbled on this, not sure how it works or what version it came in on. But I just right clicked on a field in and got this

I’m guessing this is what you want.

How do you get that to show up? Is it only in customization mode? Or only with certain fields? (obviously I’m not seeing it.)

I have no earthly Idea this is the first time I see it (new job, new environment… poking around… stand by)

Yeah I don’t know… I can’t find it in the Help or anything its just “there”
Maybe @aidacra, @Rich or @Bart_Elia can point us in the right direction?

is it in all fields that you click on?

no its on the panels… very odd

Help Link editor is for SDK and allows the creation of the “Links” (EpiGuid) XML Document which is then used by documentation when they flesh out the Field Level Application Help.

Original issue being discussed was corrected in 10.2.100. There is no work around. Data was being transferred to the Client but as the UD Table fields are “joined” to the Epicor table name, the help display component was looking for the Technical Details based on the Epicor Table name and not the UD Table name.