Customer Contact Entry Security

Has anyone found a simple way to give users access to maintaining customer contacts via Customer Contact Entry without giving them access to Customer Entry?

In Order Entry, there are Attn: fields for customer and ship to contacts that use the like property “CustCnt.ConNum”. If you right click and choose Open With->“Customer Contact Entry”, process calling maintenance indicates the menu item calls OMMT1110 (Customer Entry). Since our security is menu based, this is creating an issue for us as we have order entry people who need to maintain customer contact information but they should not have access to maintain any other base customer information.


I’m using Field Security Maintenance on the Erp.Customer table to set the Shipping group to Read access on many fields, such as Name, Address1, etc…

In our company we had a similar need for the Supplier Maintenance screen. The customization will disable creating a new supplier from the Supplier Maintenance screen for only the UserIDs in the _Buyers security group. The target customization will NOT affect UserIDs granted the System Manager privilege or that are NOT part of the _Buyers security group. The newly customized Supplier Maintenance screen is available under the CSG main menu. Please conduct further testing and let me know of any further requirements. The following is the list of functions that are programmatically disabled. The customization was done using C# code:

  1. The File > New> New Supplier.
  2. The Change ID button.
  3. Icon (empty sheet) menu - drop down arrow> New Supplier – See snapshot below
  4. Icon (empty sheet) – See snapshot below
  5. Enter a new or not found Supplier in a blank Supplier field.